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WHAT IS TELEMEDICINE? In brief, telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. This includes a wide array of clinical services using the Internet, wireless, satellite and telephone media.

WHAT IS THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN TELEMEDICINE AND TELEHEALTH? It is commonly understood to treat "telemedicine" and "telehealth" as synonyms and most use the terms interchangeably. In both cases, we are referring to the use of remote healthcare technology to deliver clinical services.

HOW TYPICAL IS TELEMEDICINE? Telemedicine is a significant and rapidly growing component of healthcare in the United States. There are currently about 200 telemedicine networks, with 3,500 service sites in the US. Nearly 1 million Americans are currently using remote cardiac monitors and in 2011, the Veterans Health Administration delivered over 300,000 remote consultations using telemedicine. Over half of all U.S. hospitals now use some form of telemedicine. Around the world, millions of patients use telemedicine to monitor their vital signs, remain healthy and out of hospitals and emergency rooms. Consumers and physicians download health and wellness applications for use on their cell phones.

IS TELEMEDICINE SAFE? Yes. Guided by technical standards and clinical practice guidelines, and backed by decades of research and demonstrations, telemedicine is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the delivery of healthcare. The American Telemedicine Association has produced a series of standards, guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers to ensure that they are using telemedicine responsibly.

IS TELEMEDICINE THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE? We believe it is. Telemedicine is growing very quickly and it helps individuals in busy cities or very rural areas receive care from physicians they would normally not have access to.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The cost of a TeleMarque visit varies depending on the total amount of care you need. The prices range from $59 to $99. We will let you know what the visit will cost before you begin your visit with our Marque physician.

DOES MEDICARE OR MEDICAID PAY FOR MY TELEMARQUE SERVICES? Medicare : At this time Medicare does not cover any of your TeleMarque visit.
Medicaid : Almost every state Medicaid plan specifically covers at least some telehealth services; however states vary greatly in their coverage. State-specific information is available on www.atawiki.org. The American Telemedicine Association has challenged each state to fully cover telemedicine to increase coverage while simultaneously reducing service costs.

DO PRIVATE INSURANCE PLANS USUALLY COVER MY TELEMARQUE SERVICES? 20 states and the District of Columbia require that private insurers cover telehealth the same as they cover in-person services. Many other insurers cover at least some telehealth service and many more have expressed interest in expanding their telehealth coverage. To find out if your insurance company covers telehealth services, please contact your benefits manager.

CAN I GET LAB WORK DONE AT A TELEMARQUE FACILITY? Yes, your lab work can be collected on-site and sent to a third party lab. They will bill you directly. We are not affiliated with an outside lab.

CAN I BUY MEDICINE WITHOUT AN OFFICE VISIT? No, we only sell medicine to patients after an office visit. We don't sell controlled substance including lifestyle drugs or narcotics.

CAN I GET A PRESCRIPTION? Yes, our physicians can authorize a prescription during a visit. We also offer on-site medications so you do not have to stop at a pharmacy. However, if you would prefer to head to your local pharmacy or if we do not carry the prescription, then the physician is happy to send that prescription to your local pharmacy.

WHO IS ADMINISTERING THE TELEMARQUE VISIT? In the clinic your visit will be administered by a certified LVN with years of experience and training. You will then be having a teleconference with one of our Marque physicians from another Marque location.

CAN I SEND MY CHART TO MY PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN? Yes, we can send your primary care physician your chart electronically.

DO I TALK TO A "REAL" DOCTOR? Yes, your visit will be with a real Marque physician who is physically in one of our Marque Urgent Care locations in California.

CAN I SPEAK WITH A SPECIALIST? Yes, we have cardiologists, family practitioners and internal medicine physicians on staff. However, we cannot guarantee that without an appointment you will be able to speak to the specialist of your choice at a particular time.

CAN I REQUEST A SPECIFIC DOCTOR? With our walk-in TeleMarque clinic you will be treated on a first come first serve basis. However, if you would like to have a visit with a specific Marque physician you can contact TeleMarque and find out when that physician will be working next.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE COMMON CONDITIONS TELEMARQUE TREATS? TeleMarque treats minor illnesses such as cough and upper respiratory infections, sore throat, strep test, earache, eye irritation, cold and flu, bladder infections, common allergies, basic skin treatments, minor injuries, and other wellness services.

CAN TELEMARQUE HANDLE MY EMERGENCY SITUATIONS? No, TeleMarque is best suited for minor illnesses, basic skin treatments, minor injuries, wellness services and physicals.

CAN I BE TURNED DOWN FOR A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION? We do not turn patients away because of pre-existing conditions.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM SENT TO A MARQUE URGENT CARE? Any portion of your fee will be applied toward co-pay or self-pay cost at the Marque Urgent Care clinic. You may also be granted expedited service if a Marque Urgent Care visit is necessary.

IS MY ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD KEPT PRIVATE? Yes, we strive to make our records secure as possible. We use a high level of security and a HIPPA compliant electronic medical record system.