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TeleMarque is the future of walk-in medical care, and it’s here now. No need to travel far or sit in a crowded waiting room to get the quality care you deserve. We have moved patient care well beyond the limits of ordinary  telehealth offerings. A TeleMarque visit is an in-person consultation with experienced Marque Urgent Care physicians who are located right in your community.  No appointments are necessary, and we offer extended hours for added convenience – from 7 am to 10 pm on most days.


At TeleMarque, we use advanced diagnostic equipment not readily available at most doctor offices, administered by experienced nurses under the direct guidance of live Marque physicians. We are able to offer our patients lab and testing services, immunizations and vaccinations, and even on-site medicines for common ailments.  We have affordable and straight-forward pricing and our office visits are broken into three levels for added convenience starting at just $59. Come and experience the latest advancement in walk-in care today.


To learn more about TeleMarque, please navigate through the site and watch our videos which provide useful information.

THIS IS SIMPLE. Imagine: Walking into a medical facility next to your favorite coffee shop, consulting with a physician, receiving an accurate diagnosis and be off to work with medicine in-hand… and all within 15 minutes. It’s easy, affordable, and meaningful because TeleMarque is designed around you. What Does it Cover?

THE FUTURE OF CARE. NOW. At TeleMarque, you get access to innovative medical technology right in your neighborhood. No need to drive miles to get the care you deserve or sit in crowded waiting rooms waiting to see a doctor. You have better things to do, and our approach gets you on your way to feeling better fast. Locations

REAL DOCTORS. It’s no secret that we have a strained healthcare system. But that should not mean that patients need to sacrifice quality care or depend on less qualified providers. At TeleMarque, your visit will be with one of our friendly doctors from our Marque Urgent Care family. They are all U.S. citizens and live right here in your community. Meet Our Physicians

CUSTOMIZED CARE. Not sure what treatment you need? Confused about your symptoms? We have a large number of multi-specialty doctors so we can deliver exactly the right doctor at exactly the right time. One size does not fit all. Patient Testimonials

SAVE YOUR MONEY. Every dollar counts and quality healthcare should not break the piggy bank. TeleMarque offers an affordable, easy to understand three-tiered pricing plan where you only pay for the care you need. There are no hidden costs or surprises. There are many big expenses in life, but getting back to optimal health shouldn’t be one of them. Pricing and Insurance
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